The 2019 Season Had Ended
TWD Cruises Begin In May 2020

$28 per person
Reservations Only

Meet At 5:00 Sail at 5:30

~Seating Is Limited~

The Details:

1. We will take a credit card to hold your reservation.  Your card will not be run until it is confirmed on the day of the cruise that the weather will be clear enough to run the cruise.  Any reservation made for 5 or more people: your card will be run at the time you make the reservation.

2.  Large parties going together need to have each person or couple stop in or call with their own credit card and book under their own name unless one person is paying for everyone.  

3.  Purchase your wine and/or beer at The Wine Dog, then leave your purchase there.  We will chill your wine (if it isn't a red) or beer, label it with your name and uncork the wine for you.  If you buy wine for someone else, be sure to give the name of who the wine is for.  We alphabetize the wine and beer by your last name so you can find them in the cooler or the box for the reds.   Wine/beer purchases will be paid for at the time of purchase.  You cannot bring your own alcohol on board.  DEADLINE: All wine and beer must be purchased no later than Thursday, Oct 3rd, 6:00 pm.

4.  We provide the wine glasses. they are available for purchase, $15 (incl. tax) at the end of the cruise.   At the end of the cruise return the wine glass or purchase it.

5Cancellation:    You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to sailing. Reservations for 1 to 4 people  can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours prior to sailing.   Cancel deadline is Friday, August 2nd.  5:30 pm. 
**Cancel deadlines for parties of 5 or more paying under one card is 72 hours. Weds, Oct 2nd, 5:30pm. 

Only Island Time can cancel the cruise due to weatherafter the cancellation deadline.  Should they cancel and we have run your card, you will be refunded the money.   If you cancel after the deadline, or you fail to cancel and do not show or miss the boat departure time, your card will be charged.  

6.  There will be hors d'oeuvres, but you are welcome to bring your own, either to share or just for yourself.  We ask that you do not sit around the food table.

7.  Don't want wine or beer?  Only want one glass of wine or beer?  Island Time has cola's, water, Livingston Chardonnay, Merlot or White Zinfandel  or Seagram's wine coolers on board,  They offer Corona,  Bud Lite or Miller Lite.  Cash  only. 

8.   Cigars & Cigarettes:  They only allow smoking at the very back of the boat.  They ask that we do not walk around with a lit cigar or cigarette.  Wind = ashes on the floor or in people's faces.

9.   CHECK IN TIME FOR Oct 5th: 5:00  Please note that the check-in time changes due to the length of the days getting longer/shorter throughout the season.  Go to the Island Time Hut to check in.  Give them your name and they will give you a boarding pass.  You cannot get on the boat without a boarding pass.

10.  Directions:  Thomas Drive. PCB.  If coming in from PC:  Make a left onto Thomas Drive after coming over the Hathaway Bridge.  Go about a mile, pass the Publix and Winn Dixie.  Continue on past Capt Anderson's.  Go over the lagoon bridge.  Get in the left lane as you descend the bridge... you will see a fish store on the left right at the bottom of the lagoon bridge.  Turn into the parking lot right at the fish shop.  

If Coming From PCB:   Thomas Drive to Treasure Island Marina.  Pull into the large parking lot where the boat docks in the lagoon are (you can see Capt Anderson's and Grand Marlin on the lagoon and the dolphin tours signs.  Look for the Island Time hut.  

50' Catamaran

Balmy breezes, the salty smell of the ocean, the dolphins skipping the surface of the water, the sound of the sailboat cutting through the water and your glass filled with something wonderful....for two hours, yeah it's a relaxing good time.

Restrooms on Board

Sail The Coastline or Stay in The Bay. 

~Only Calm Waters To Sail The Gulf~

The Wine Dog's

~Sunset Wine Cruise~

2020 Our 13th Season

461 Harrison Avenue

Panama City, FL 32401


~ Sailing Season ~

Island Time offers Snorkeling, Dolphin and Sunset Cruises throughout the season.  Call or follow the above link for information on what they offer to the general public.

The Wine Dog charters Sunset Wine Cruises for the following months: 
March-June and August-October.